Essential knowledge for overhead crane maintenance


The use of crane machinery has brought us great convenience, and at the same time, it will also bring us danger due to the abnormal operation of the crane. To ensure safety, what should we pay attention to?

Overhead cranes require regular maintenance to eliminate mechanical failures, ensure safe operation by crane operators, and ensure that cranes’ normal working. So, what risks should be paid attention to when servicing overhead cranes? How to eliminate and deal with security risks? Here's how to repair an overhead crane after a failure:

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1. The first step is to notify the operator when a fault occurs on the site to determine whether the fault of overhead crane is caused by illegal operations.

2. Analyze the actual situation based on the data collected on site, determine the cause and location of the failure, and investigate according to the drawings.

3. Use the instrument to check the fault location of and confirm the fault point or component of overhead crane.

4. If the failure phenomenon is not obvious, and the location of the failure is not sure, you can use the drawings and instruments to gradually check point by point to eliminate possible fault-free parts. Finally, you should focus on examining suspicious parts.

5. If the fault is not dangerous, we can use the transient method to observe and find out the location of the fault.

6. After troubleshooting, the equipment related to the maintenance process should be connected with the wires, etc., and the reference documents should be rechecked to confirm whether they meet the requirements of the drawings. Install external devices only if there are no errors.


After carrying out instrument maintenance on the overhead crane to ensure that there are no problems, carry out multiple no-load tests. Similarly, load tests should be performed on the crane to ensure normal operation of the overhead crane.

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