Crane Spare Parts

  • Crane End Carriage Assembly

    Crane End Carriage Assembly

    1. End carriage is mainly used for overhead cranes and gantry cranes. It mainly consists of steel structural shells, wheels, and drive geared motors, and buffers at the end of beams.
    2. End beam can be divided into Chinese and FEM standard end beams.
    3. We have dedicated end beam workshops and skilled assembly workers. At least 200 sets of end beam devices are available each month.
    4. The traveling motor is SEW, Simens brand or by customer's request. The end carriage is a box type, not a steel plate weld together.

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  • Crane Wheel And Pulley

    Crane Wheel And Pulley

    Crane wheels and pulleys will be used for overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and other cranes.
    Crane wheels and pulleys can be produced a wide range of standard sizes(300mm-1250mm), configuration and surface finish condition. We maintain a large inventory of carbon and alloy steels to meet your specific needs.
    Crane wheels are also able to be deeply hardened or differentially hardened for heavy wear or load requirements. Forged steel crane wheels are available in any surface hardness up to 60 HRC.

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  • Steel Billet Lifting Clamp

    Steel Billet Lifting Clamp

    1. The steel billet lifting clamp for outside gripping and ingot grabs are widely used for the operations of stacking, transporting, and translating in steel-making factories, storage places, and ports. With the strong clamping force produced by lever system to touch the surface of the load, the lifting clamp transports the load with the friction force and operates automatically with the switch of a hold-open device which makes the gripping legs opened and locked.
    2. We have a professional technical team and a standard production workshop. Can meet customer customization needs.
    3. We have been working hard to keep the steel billet lifting clamp inventory and can meet the customer's request for fast delivery.

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  • Crane Hook Block

    Crane Hook Block

    A lifting hook is a device for grabbing and lifting loads by means of a device such as a hoist or a crane. A lifting hook is usually equipped with a safety latch to prevent the disengagement of the lifting wire rope sling, chain or rope to which the load is attached. A hook may have one or more built-in pulley sheaves as a block and tackle to multiply the lifting force.
    We have a professional technical team and a standard production workshop. Can meet customer customization needs. Electric Hoist meets FEM standards and can pass CE certification.
    We have been working hard to keep the crane hook inventory and can meet the customer's request for fast delivery.

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  • Steel Scrap Electromagnet

    Steel Scrap Electromagnet

    The steel scrap electromagnet is a special electromagnet with the absorbed object as the armature. It is a physical quantity of sucked ferromagnetic material by electric and magnetic equipment, metallurgy, mine, machinery, shipbuilding, transportation and other industries such as iron and steel lifting guide magnetic materials indispensable lifting tools, in some areas it is used as a mechanical hand, the electromagnetic and magnetic bar with fixed length etc..
    The steel scrap electromagnets use unique personal and exothermic radiation design measures to absorb 700-degree high-temperature billets.
    We have a professional technical team and inventory and can meet the customer's request for fast delivery.

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  • Coil Lifting Hook

    Coil Lifting Hook

    As a coil lifting spreader on an overhead crane and gantry crane. Used for horizontal steel coil lifting, portable, secure application to the environmental space is narrow and small, easy to access steel coil, lifting, stacking and can be operated by a single person.

    The coil spreader includes a variety of supports for customization. Such as, Type C rolled plate spreader, Coiled wire spreader, Double roll plate spreader, Simple reversible, Vertical coil clamp, Mechanical clamp, Three jaw plate hanger, Rack and pinion drive, Three-screw drive coil spreader and so on.

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  • Hydraulic Grab For Crane

    Hydraulic Grab For Crane

    Grab bucket is a special tool for cranes to grab dry bulk cargo. Including hydraulic grab, clamshell grab, orange-peel bucket. The two or more closable buckets are combined to form a container space.
    The grab operation does not require heavy physical labor, can achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and ensure safety. It is the main dry bulk handling tool of the port. According to the type of goods, it can be divided into ore grab, coal grab, grain grab, wood grab.

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  • Wireless Remote Control

    Wireless Remote Control

    Industrial cranes are one of the most widely used areas of remote control systems.
    In the United States, wireless remote control accounts for about 35% of the annual output of the remote control system;
    Mainly in the metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mills, material warehouses and other new vehicles are almost all equipped with industrial wireless remote control.

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  • Enclosed Conductor Bar System

    Enclosed Conductor Bar System

    The enclosed conductor rail system is a powerful, protected from contact, For indoor and outdoor plants. They are conductor lines a rigid green PVC housing with different copper cross sections for rated current, including enclosed conductor system, seamless conductor rail system, industry conductor system.
    To meet the needs of market development, we have successfully developed the seamless conductor rail system, the system has the following advantages, run smoothly, high speed, low noise, powered way arbitrariness

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development and market needs, finds new raw materials, develops and designs new products, and develops and develops new products after production.

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