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    Electric Portable Gantry Crane

    Electric Portable Gantry Crane

    1. The electric portable gantry crane traveling mechanism is electric by the motor. It is more effort than the manual traveling type gantry crane.

    2. It is more flexible than rail type gantry crane, it can travel in any direction you want to work. There needn't to embedded rails in advance.

    3. The electric ones will make the handling personnel save more strength.

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  • Portable Aluminium Gantry Crane

    Portable Aluminium Gantry Crane

    1. There are 3 models for this aluminum portable gantry crane. LT1, LT2, LT3. This gantry crane is for light capacity usually from 500kg to 30000kg. For the warehouse, workshop, or and equipment handling.

    2. The aluminum portable gantry crane has lighter self-weight. It also can be customized by the lifting height and span.

    3. What is the most different with other types of portable gantry crane is the raw material is aluminum alloy material. A unique ultra-light & rapidly deployable gantry crane that provides a versatile lifting solution for goods and personnel.

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  • Portable Adjustable Gantry Crane

    Portable Adjustable Gantry Crane

    1. Beautiful appearance can get through any place easily. Especially suitable for the environment which is limited by the working area clearance.

    2. Select electric trolley assembly can realize trackless weight-bearing and greatly improve the work efficiency, steerable.

    3. The light self-weight, easy handling, and dismounting. Also, it will save more space.

    4. All parts of this type of gantry crane can be removed. The height can be adjusted, and the adjustment method can be selected according to customer requirements.

    5. Traveling by hand, with casters with brakes.

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  • Manual Portable Gantry Crane

    Manual Portable Gantry Crane

    Portable gantry crane is a light small lifting crane, which has the features of simple design, moving freely, high quality, cheap price. The total lifting capacity of portable gantry crane is 0.5ton-5ton, and it adjusts to work in a small workshop, warehouse, stocks, etc. Especially in areas where cranes are required to move freely.

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All raw materials and components of the factory are strictly checked, and each process has set quality control indicators, giving clear requirements.

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