Scissor Lifts

  • Electric Scissor Lifting Platform

    Electric Scissor Lifting Platform

    1. We have a large stock of electric scissor lifting platforms and can arrange delivery within 3 workdays. Meantime, competitive price and pretty quality are all ready for you!
    2. Electric self-propelled scissors lifting platform lifts faster than the hydraulic driven scissor lifting platform. It's the most convenient equipment for aerial work.
    3. Electric self-propelled scissors lifting platform has longer work time, and the whole cost is less expensive than hydraulic drives.

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  • Mobile Yard Ramp

    Mobile Yard Ramp

    1. The mobile yard ramp’s countertop uses a special diamond mesh plate with reliable strength to ensure long-term use without deformation. Its diamond-shaped mesh structure guarantees excellent anti-slip performance, which makes the forklift have better climbing and operability. Even in rainy or snowy weather, normal use is guaranteed.
    2. The adjustable length of the chain can easily hook the truck so that the yard ramp and the truck are always tightly integrated.
    3. The mobile yard ramp uses a hand-cranked hydraulic pump for power and you can easily achieve the height adjustment of the yard ramp without external power supply.
    4. The mobile yard ramp’s configuration of the brake pad can effectively prevent the truck from shifting when loading and unloading.

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  • Dock Leveler

    Dock Leveler

    1. The dock leveller with the fully hydraulic drive is easy to operate and reliable
    2. The dock lever adopts imported seals to ensure the excellent sealing performance of the hydraulic system; the imported integral modular hydraulic station, which has good sealing performance and long service life.
    3. The dock leveller is made of non-slip steel plate to make the platform have good anti-slip performance; and the lip plate and the platform of dock leveller are connected by a long shaft, which has high strength and good reliability.

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  • Stationary Scissor Lifting Platform

    Stationary Scissor Lifting Platform

    (1) The stationary scissor lifting platform is compact and stable, safe and reliable, and can achieve high-frequency continuous operation.
    (2) The stationary scissor lifting platform has good stability, which can meet the steady lifting of large-tonnage cargo, and has a hydraulic system with anti-attachment and overload safety protection to ensure safe operation.
    (3) The stationary scissor lifting platform has compact structure, simple appearance, which is flexible and convenient maintenance.
    (4) The stationary scissor lifting platform’s rated load is significant, which effectively improves work efficiency.

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  • Aluminium Lifting Aerial Work Platform

    Aluminium Lifting Aerial Work Platform

    1. The high-strength aluminium alloy mast lifting platform is light in weight and manoeuvrable, which is very suitable for a single operation.
    2. The aluminium alloy mast lifting platform specially designed the guide wheel device between the masts makes the lifting more smooth.
    3. The aluminium alloy mast lifting platform is compact in structure and small in transport size. It can access to the general elevator through the doorway and narrow passages.
    4. The aluminium alloy mast lifting platform's double protection leg structure makes the aerial work safer and is very beneficial to near the work surface.

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  • Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Platform

    Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Platform

    1. The hydraulic driven scissor lifting platform has a long service life (the hydraulic motor drives at least 100,000 hours of life). Compared with other transmission methods, the hydraulic drive scissor lifting platform is smaller in size, lighter in weight and compact in structure.
    2. Hydraulic-driven scissor lifting platform has good stability and high bearing capacity, low noise and large stroke. The hydraulically driven scissor lift platform is unobstructed in wet and rainy environments. And when batteries run out, the hydraulic driven scissor lift platform can easily release the brakes manually.

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Each crane has inspection certificate issued by our company and the Special Equipment Inspection and Supervision Institute after has approved the quality.

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