Transfer Carts

  • Battery Powered Transfer Cart

    Battery Powered Transfer Cart

    1. KPX series is powered by battery, which supplies power to the dc traction motor, so the DC motor drives the flat car to run.
    2. Compared with AC motor, DC motors have the advantages of not easily burning, high starting torque and strong overload capability.
    3. Compared with KPJ series and KPD series, it has greater safety performance and maneuverability. it can travel on curved roads and turnouts with unlimited running distance and no insulation requirement for the track, so the construction is convenient at low cost.
    4. The storage battery adopts a tubular positive special traction battery, which still maintains a long life under high current discharge conditions, Aull automatic smart charger is equipped.
    5. Application: Heavy industry, light industry, machinery, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, chemical, shipbuilding, and other industries.

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  • Cable Reel Powered Rail Cart

    Cable Reel Powered Rail Cart

    1. Capacity is 1t-200t, running lenght 10m-200m.
    2. Power supply is 3phase 220V/380V/400V/440V.
    3. Applications: Paper industry, metallurgical heavy industry, coal machinery, and other industries.

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  • Trackless Transfer Cart

    Trackless Transfer Cart

    1. Does not damage the ground, and two-way driving and 360 degrees in-situ rotation could be realized
    2. When it encounters an obstacle, it will sound and light alarm and stop automatically.
    3. Other auxiliary devices such as positioning, clamping device, lifting platform etc.could be added to meet the needs of different occasions.

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  • Safe Voltage Powered Rail Cart

    Safe Voltage Powered Rail Cart

    1. KPD series transfer carts are low-voltage track power electric transfer carts.
    2. It is power-cableless, safe and high-temperature resistance。
    3. Easy to implement wireless remote control and automation control。
    4. It can drive on curved or circular tracks.
    5. It can transport goods over long distances.

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